About Us

Austin Wildcats was founded in 1999 by a group of like-minded parents who believed that ALL kids should have the opportunity to play basketball no matter their athletic ability or basketball skills.  At earlier and earlier ages now, kids are being discouraged from playing sports because they are not ‘good enough’ to play on select teams at very young ages.  Or there is increasing pressure to choose to commit to a single sport at younger and younger ages. This causes kids to believe they should not or cannot continue to practice and pursue a sport they are interested in. The Austin Wildcats was founded to encourage kids to continue honing their skills and working towards whatever goals they set for themselves. 

The Austin Wildcats organization believes in growing both the player and the person on and off the court.  We believe the formula for success is focusing on teaching the fundamentals of the game and practice, practice, practice!  Our practices are a unique blend of skills, drills, and games interwoven with building life skills including teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, self-confidence, and more!  We truly believe basketball is so much more than a game!